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Download Insurance Portfolio Organiser Application

HDFC ERGO Insurance Portfolio Organizer (IPO) Mobile application helps manage your Insurance portfolio, information and services at fingertips 24 * 7. In addition to linking policies & managing claims, this app offers host of self service features thereby empowering customer to access information on the go whether online or offline.

The new version of IPO takes convenience to next level with its improved user interface, easy login, additions of new services and utilities.


  • Unified view of Policy and claims
  • Link new policies and non-HDFC ERGO polices as well
  • View and Email Health Card
  • Geo co-ordinates based location search linked to Google maps for hospitals, garage network , branches
  • Quick access to branches and customer care contacts
  • Product information & FAQs
  • Access to Towing and Ambulance contact details


  • Register and track Claims
  • Sync data and get updates at regular intervals
  • Get quote and buy new policies
  • Renew policies and set up renewal reminders
  • Create service request for changes in policy details
  • Check Renewal Premium


  • Login using Facebook
  • Elocker which helps you to tag important documents stored on your mobile device for easy retrieval
  • Wellness tips
  • Drive Safe - . feature which tracks your driving pattern and calculates a driving score at the end of each trip. Also provides smart tips for safe driving.

Download IPO Application on your mobile Today!!

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