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What will be the start date of my insurance policy?

Your insurance cover starts after 7 days after receipt of premium by us


What are the eligibility criteria to avail a Multi Year Home Insurance policy?

Any resident Indian who is the owner of the property & which is located in India can purchase a Multi Year Home Insurance Policy.


How do we do the property valuation for home insurance?

Property valuation is done by multiplying the built up area of the property with the cost of construction per square feet.


What is the maximum tenure of the policy?

Maximum duration of this product is 5 years


How do we calculate the premium?

Premium can be calculated by multiplying premium rate with sum insured


What will be the discount in the premium if insured opt Multi Year Home Insurance?

We are offering maximum discount of 25%


What are the perils covered under Multi Year Home Insurance policy?

This policy covers fire & allied perils, earthquake, terrorism and burglary including theft & larceny. Pls refer product brochure for more information.


If I have a Multi Year Home Insurance policy with two different companies will I be benefited from both?

If you have a policy with two insurance companies, at the time of a claim both the insurance companies will pay on proportionate basis.


Can an entire society or building be covered under Multi Year Home Insurance policy?

No, an entire society can not be covered under this product


Which are the types of properties you do not cover under Multi Year Home Insurance?

The following are the properties not covered under the Policy

  • -Property under construction
  • -Kutcha” construction
  • -Resident cum offices
  • -Resident cum shop
  • -Land

What happens to the Multi Year Home Insurance policy if the insured house is sold?

From the time the transfer of owner ship becomes effective, the policy stands cancelled & the insured ceases to be an insured under the policy. We will then refund the premium for the balance of the policy period.


Is FIR necessary for a property damage claim?

FIR is mandatory in case of Malicious Damage, Riot and Strike, Terrorism, Burglary, Theft & Larceny claims

However it is not necessary in cases of:

  • -Flood
  • -Storm
  • -Earthquake
  • -Lightning
  • -Subsidence
  • -Impact Damage due to Aircraft Losses.

What happens after the Multi Year Home Insurance claim is registered?

Surveyor contacts the customer in 48 hours time. Claim form is sent to customer correspondence address within 7 working days time.


Will the company pay for debris removal during the reconstruction of the property? If yes how much?

Yes, the company will pay a maximum of 1% of the total claims amount for debris removal.

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