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What is HDFC ERGO Long Term Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance?

It is an insurance policy to cover your vehicle against potential risks of theft, accidental damage, third party liability and others from one to three years period through a single policy document. Please select appropriate choice, while buying policy Online.


What benefits shall I get on Long Term policy?

You shall have following benefits over single year policy:-

  • Convenience of insurance, protection for long term.
  • Longer policy duration means “No worry for annual renewals.
  • NCB protection during policy period irrespective of claim status of your vehicle.
  • Third party premium by regulator gets fixed today for full policy period i.e. buy two or three years policy today to realize your saving.

How to buy multiyear two wheeler insurance policy?

  • Simply click here
  • Fill-in your vehicle details and calculate premium.
  • Our system will give you option to buy single year, two year and three years policy period.
  • Select the desired option and proceed to buy policy.
  • Make payment online by using your Credit Card or debit card or online bank account or Paytm Wallet.

Can I renew other insurer policy with HDFC ERGO online?

Yes. Simply click here, provide minimum details and buy HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance Policy online without any documentation. Also avail benefits of the No Claim Bonus earned by you in full.


My existing policy has expired! What to do?

Simply click hereand follow instructions online to buy policy in 3 easy steps, that too without any documentation requirement from us

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