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Buy HDFC ERGO home insurance plan to safeguard your home and prized possessions that you keep inside it. The scope of this home insurance cover is not just limited to your home but also gives cover for all your belongings within it that you have accumulated with your hard earned money. With ease of access and no documentation, this is one plan that gives you peace of mind with minimum hassle.


Key Highlights

  • Home insurance that assures safety and protection for your valuable possessions as well as property

  • It protects not just your home structure but its contents too

  • Fire Cover is mandatory while Burglary can be taken as an optional cover at a low cost, which includes theft & Larceny

  • Discount of up to 25% on fire and 15% on burglary

  • Building Sum Insured is decided based on home’s reconstruction cost

  • Home Insurance is available of period up to 5 yrs

  • The home insurance covers provided include:-

    • Section I (a) Fire & Special Perils - Building (compulsory section)

    • Section I (b) Fire and Special Perils - Contents (compulsory section if Burglary has been opted for)

    • Section II Burglary, which includes theft and Larceny - Contents



  • Loss or damage occurring due to depreciation or wear & tear and subsequent loss of any form

  • Willful destruction caused to the property

  • Following properties not covered under home insurance:

    • Kutcha construction

    • Property under construction

    • Residence cum office

    • Residence cum shop

    • Residence cum godown

    • Land

  • Loss, damage or destruction caused to the property as a consequence of war, invasion, action of foreign enemy, hostilities or war-like operations (whether the war has been declared or not), mutiny, civil war, civil commotion assuming proportions of or amounting to popular rising, rebellion, military rising, revolution, insurrection/military/usurped power

  • Loss or damage caused to property due to nuclear weapons and/or ionizing radiations

  • Loss, damage or destruction of articles of consumable nature, motor vehicles and livestock

  • Loss, damage or destruction to any electrical equipment, apparatus, fixture, or fitting due to over-running, short circuiting, excessive pressure, arcing, self heating or electricity leakage from whatever cause (including lightning), provided that this exclusion is applicable only to particular electrical machine, fixture, apparatus or fitting so affected & not to other machines, fixtures, apparatus or fittings that may be damaged or destroyed by fire so caused

  • Loss in earnings, or some other consequential/indirect loss or damage/destruction of any form or description whatsoever

  • Loss incurred due to burglary and/or theft and/or housebreaking and/or larceny where either of the members of the insured’s family is concerned as the principal or accessory

  • Securities, stamps, deeds, bonds, coins, cash/paper money, charge cards, ATM cards, credit cards, bills of exchange, promissory notes, or any other form of negotiable instrument, books of accounts or business books, and any kind of explosives

  • Damage to bullion or unset precious stones, any curios or works of art for an amount exceeding Rs. 10000/-, manuscripts, plans, coins, stamps etc unless otherwise expressly stated in the policy



(*Please note these are illustrative exclusions. Kindly refer the policy wordings for a detailed list.)