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Travelling leaves you speechless then turns you into a story teller. Travelling is a wonderful experience that lets you rejuvenate and relax. Be it a vacation with friends or a family plan to an overseas destination, travelling gives you memories that can be cherished forever. It makes you the explorer who sees life beyond horizons. Travelling for work, leisure or higher education exposes you to a new world of opportunities. Right from booking flight tickets, getting Visa to picking a suitable accommodation, each and every aspect of your travel plan is planned meticulously to ensure a fun filled travel experience with no disappointments. However, the success of your trip does not merely depend upon your flight bookings and hotel accommodations, there’s a lot more precaution needed to ensure a safe and sound travel experience.

It’s always better to stay safe than sorry. In a foreign country, amidst new culture and people, in case you fall sick or meet with an accident, it may get difficult to bear unexpected medical expenses. The medical facilities and expenses at international destinations are very high as compared to India, meeting such contingency expenses may jeopardise your travel plan and impact the financial stability. To avoid such financial setbacks and take precaution beforehand, it’s essential to opt for a Travel Insurance Policy to safeguard yourself and your family from any such unforeseen expenses.

HDFC ERGO takes immense pride to announce “Pay per Day for Travel Insurance”. This means you pay only for the number of days you travel for. So, if you wish to travel for 1 day for your business meeting then why pay an additional chunk and get a cover for 5-7 days? With paperless transactions and zero documentation, you can simply buy a travel insurance policy for your international trip and say a BIG NO to Loss of baggage, flight delays, and accidental hospitalization expenses.

HDFC ERGO brings you Travel Insurance Plans for securing your travel related contingencies. To enjoy a worry-free vacation, cover your possible risks with HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance. For over 15 years, the brand is serving travel insurance to its valuable customers and understands the different travel needs of different traveller.

  • Individual Travel Insurance Plan - HDFC ERGO

    Individual Travel Insurance

    HDFC ERGO International Individual Travel Insurance ensures your safety against any emergency expenses. HDFC ERGO Travel policy will assist you on your trip if you lose your baggage or need any medical support

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  • Family Travel Insurance Plan - HDFC ERGO

    Family Travel Insurance

    HDFC ERGO’s International Family Travel Insurance plans are tailored to protect you, your family & budget. Travel with peace of mind anywhere in the world with our Family Travel Insurance covers.

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  • Student Travel Insurance Plan - HDFC ERGO

    Student Travel Insurance

    Now Studying abroad has become safer with HDFC ERGO’s International Student Suraksha – Student Overseas travel insurance your child can study abroad without worrying about safety & medical expenses.

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Key Highlights

Why choose HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance?

  • Wide range of plans to choose from
    HDFC ERGO offers a wide selection of plans to match your requirements. You can also choose the plans depending upon your family size and age.
  • Vast Geographic Coverage
    HDFC ERGO offers travel insurance plans across geographies including Schengen countries and length of travel to suit every need
  • 24*7 Support
    HDFC ERGO offers round the clock support for convenience and a hassle-free experience. You can call us on 1800 2700 700 or write an e-mail to:
  • Trusted by Millions
    HDFC ERGO Insurance is a recognized brand for taking care of your insurance needs. With 75 lac+ happy customers the brand has been assigned ‘iAAA’ rating by ICRA indicating its highest claim paying ability.


Benefits of buying online travel insurance with HDFC ERGO?

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance allows you to buy travel insurance policies online via or download our app for mobile access.

  • Easy, convenient & Time saving
  • On the spot plan comparison
  • Multiple secured payment options
  • Correct information
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Transparency
  • Instant policy


What gets covered under HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance?

  • Emergency medical expenses: HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance covers outpatient, in-patient, medical aid, therapies and diagnostic tests costs incurred due to illness or accident.
  • Personal Accident: Pays medical expenses in case of accidental death or permanent total disability.
  • Flight delays: Delay in flights or rescheduling of flight is a common scenario during international travel. In case the aircraft is delayed for more than 6 hours then then we reimburse the amount spent on purchase of meals, refreshments etc. subject to submission of bills.
  • Delay of Checked Baggage: Compensation for reasonable expenses incurred for the purchase of toiletries, clothing and medication due to delay of checked-in baggage for more than 12 hours.
  • Total Loss of baggage & personal documents - Get a cover in case of lost baggage or loss of personal documents such as passport and other relevant documents.
  • Personal Liability: Compensation of damages to be paid to a third party, resulting from death, injury or damage to health or property caused involuntarily by the insured.
  • Other Benefits: Personal Accident(Common Carrier), Hospital Cash, Emergency Dental Treatment, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation, Loss of Checked Baggage, Financial Emergency Assistance, Hijack Distress Allowance and Contingency Travel Benefit


What does not get covered under HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance?

  • Civil War or Foreign War.
  • Terrorism.
  • Self-Inflicted Injury, Suicide.
  • Non adherence to medical advice.
  • Under influence of Liquor, Drugs or Narcotics (Unless advised/administered by a physician).
  • Participation in any Sport as a Professional Player.
  • Participation in any Criminal Act.
  • AIDS or HIV
  • Treatment of Nervous and Mental Problems
  • Participating in hazardous adventure sports

Note: Coverages, terms and conditions and exclusions are only outlined briefly above. For complete details, please refer to the policy wordings.


Travel insurance cancellation process

A charge of Rs. 250/- is levied on cancellation requests. Cancellation is possible only if you are yet to travel. In case we receive Travel insurance cancellation request after the commencement of the policy date, photocopy of all pages of passport will be required as a proof that you have not travelled.


  • Why does one require Travel Insurance?
    Travel Insurance provides you and your family medical, financial and other assistance in case of an emergency or untoward circumstances while travelling on an International Trip.
    No matter who you are: a business traveler or a leisure traveler: you are now safer with Overseas Travel Insurance which protects you from unfortunate events such as loss or delay in checked baggage, passport loss, a medical emergency or an Accident.
    Insure your trip and enjoy a hassle free journey.
  • What are the available plans with HDFC ERGO?
    HDFC ERGO provides coverages for Single Trip, Multiple Trips, Asia, and also a Family Floater Plan with various Sum Insured options to choose from.
  • What are the eligibility criterias?
    Our Travel Insurance policy is available for all ages between 6 months – 70 yrs.
  • What is the minimum period for a trip to be insured?
    Our Travel Plans provide coverage to travel trips as short as 1- 4 days.
  • Does one have to go through any medical examination?
    No, there is no medical examination required upto the age of 70 years.
  • Is Travel insurance mandatory for Schengen Visa?
    Yes it is mandatory to buy travel insurance before you apply for schengen visa
  • What are the Schengen Visa requirements?
    One needs to be at least covered for US$ 50000 sum insured under Travel Insurance plan. For more details please visit Schengen consulate website.
  • Is there any medical check-up required for Schengen Travel Insurance?
    Medical check-up is not required upto the age of 70 years. We may call for medicals irrespective of the age if customer is having and pre-existing illness.
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